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Ella Maillart – Double Journey
Mariann Lewinsky, Antonio Bigini · CH/I 2015 · F/d · 40 min
Gaming in Color
Philip Jones · USA 2014 · E · 61 min
Gender Troubles: The Butches
Lisa Plourde · USA 2015 · E/d · 55 min
Michelle Biolley · CH 2016 · E/F/D/d · 62 min
Inside the Chinese Closet
Sophia Luvarà · NL 2015 · Mandarin/d · 70 min
Jake Witzenfeld · ISR/GB 2015 · Arab/Hebr/E / e · 86 min



Swiss Premiere  Documentary

Zurich Pride Week 2016

Jake Witzenfeld takes a look at the LGBT community of Tel Aviv in his directorial debut, Oriented. The documentary takes place over 15 months, through the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in 2014, and follows three Palestinian friends living in Tel Aviv as they face struggles with their nationality and sexuality.

Khader, son of a notorious Muslim mafia family lives with his Jewish boyfriend, David. Although legally Israeli, Fadi doesn’t identify as such and doesn’t feel he has the right to call himself a Palestinian. Instead he just defines himself as Arab. Naim struggles with coming out to his parents, something he feels empowered to do whenever he’s in Tel Aviv, but anytime he goes home, his return is met with crippling insecurities.

Confronting their own identities, Khader, Fadi, and Naim create a group called “Qambuta, a non-violent, cultural resistance movement fighting for gender and national equality.” The film also confronts the idea, as Khader states that “the west has monopolized concepts of liberalism and being out of the closet.” (

Zürich, Arthouse Uto
Mi, 8. Juni 2016, 20.30 Uhr
Over the Rainbow
Tara Fallaux · NL 2015 · NL/e · 40 min
Reel in the Closet
Stu Maddux · USA 2015 · E · 70 min
She's Beautiful When She's Angry
Mary Dore · USA 2014 · E/d · 92 min
Vier werden Eltern
Eva Maschke · D 2015 · D · 53 min
Visible Silence
Ruth Gumnit · USA 2015 · Thai/e · 42 min
Voglio dormire con te
Mattia Colombo · I/F 2015 · I/e · 77 min
Who's Gonna Love Me Now?
Tomer Heymann, Barak Heymann · ISR/GB 2016 · Hebr/E/e/d · 85 min


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